Campus Admin Plus Features

There's not a cloud-based education information system available in the region that offers the range and depth of features found in CAP. Listed below just a few of those core features and reports.

aSc Timetables Integration

In addition to CAP's core features, additional integrated services for aSc Timetables can be provided. It is one of the most popular School Scheduling Software already in use by schools in the Caribbean. Let aSc Timetables take care of your scheduling while CAP takes care of setting up your faculty's class and subject allocations based on the timetable generated.


CAP believes in customer service. We are proud to present the following client testimonials that communicate our ability to deliver an innovative educational information system.
CAP has been the answer to countless problems we have had with our previous student data management company. If I call, someone actually answers the phone...
Government School, St. George East District, Trinidad and Tobago
Campus Admin Plus is the only software we reviewed, built for the Caribbean and for the Caribbean.
Private School, Port of Spain & Environs District, Trinidad and Tobago
The product is superb, useful, and easy to use. It has become the preferred database for Caribbean schools. The CAP team is super responsive and a pleasure to deal with.
Government School, Victoria District, Trinidad and Tobago
About CAP

There is no other Cloud-based educational information system available in the Caribbean that offers the range and depth of features found in CAP.

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We understand the importance of after delivery support. Our support system is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We ensure that all matters are dealt with within a four-hour period. During reporting sessions, we respond to queries immediately to ensure that all stakeholders meet their deadlines.

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